We deliver fresh local milk to your doorstep!


Hopewall Farm Dairy in Adlington produces fresh, natural milk for the local community.

Have your milk delivered every day from the ONLY local dairy in the adlington AREA!

Your current milkman may be local to you, but where does the milk itself come from?

Hopewall Farm and Dairy is the ONLY local milk company delivering milk that is produced right here on the farm in Adlington, near Poynton. Fresh from our cows – delivered to your doorstep.

Our milk comes directly from our Jersey and Shorthorn cows and, once processed, is delivered straight to your doorstep. We are passionate about the welfare of our cows because happy, healthy cows produce better milk for longer.

We are even licensed to sell our own raw milk! Imagine having fresh, raw milk on your doorstep every morning. Creamy, sweet and full of goodness. For more information on our raw milk click here.

We also deliver a range of other dairy produce as well as eggs and bread.

To enquire about having our locally produced milk delivered to YOUR doorstep, call us today on 01625 872304 or email info@hopewallfarm.co.uk

Doorstep deliveries to: Adlington, Bollington, Macclesfield, Poynton, Prestbury, Pott Shrigley, Wilmslow and Woodford.

We also deliver milk (including speciality Barista Milk) and dairy produce to businesses in Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside.

Our Jersey girls enjoying some shade at the farm

Our Jersey girls enjoying some shade at the farm


Whole Milk

2 litres

Full fat, unskimmed, pasteurised milk.

3.6% fat


Skimmed Milk

2 litres

Fully skimmed, pasteurised milk.

0.3% fat


Semi-skimmed Milk

2 litres

Partly skimmed, pasteurised milk.

1.6% fat


Raw Milk

2 litres

Unpasteurised, unprocessed raw milk - straight from the cow.