Brades Farm - Farleton, Lancashire

Brades Farm in the Lune Valley, has been farmed by the Towers family since 1960 and has seen 3 generations pass through! We here at Hopewall Farm Foods are working in partnership with Brades Farm to bring their famous Barista Milk to the North West. The Barista Milk is specially formulated to enhance the experience of barista style coffees, and has proved extremely popular within London. Find Brades Dairy here on Twitter and Instagram! Also feel free to look at their other dairy business, Lune Valley Dairy here on Twitter and Facebook!

Pulford Farm Dairies - Grimshaw, Lancashire

Pulford Farm Dairies is one of our latest dairy suppliers, providing us here at Hopewall Farm Foods with fresh dairy produce from their herd of pedigree Holstein Cows. A family run business for more than 50 years, 3 generations of the Fielding family work hard to produce and supply the Lancashire area with their milk. If you like what we've got to say about Pulford Farm Dairies then you can find them on here on Twitter and Facebook. or stop by their website for a their services and products!

Bates Farms and Dairy - Southport, Merseyside

Bates Dairy is our main supplier of milk. One of their huge 26-tonne wagons can be seen at the Hopewall Farm Foods warehouse at least twice a day, with smaller wagons also popping in and out to deliver fresh milk produce straight to us!